Our Dog Sam

So I thought I would share a story that is near to my heart.  It’s a stretch for a parenting blog but it helps you understand who I am.  I just love my dog!  Every time I pass him, I have to love on him.  How could you not, seriously, look at that face.

Well, here is the latest story about SAM……

Sam has been gone for 10 minutes and I don’t know where he is!  This is what I heard from our sweet babysitter when I arrived at home.  Our 2 year old dog Sam is basically our 6th child (seriously)!  I panicked not knowing where he was.  Thinking I would never see him again brought me to tears (I mean a FLOOD of tears)!  I worried that he would be run over by a car or someone would find him and not bring him back.  In my reality, he was not safe and I felt out of control.  I wanted to protect him and there was nothing I could do.

We often forget that the Lord is watching over our family at all times, even our “6th child.”  He will give us strength and comfort us in  any situation that comes our way.  He will keep them safe.

Isaiah 41:10

Oh, and by the way, Sam was safe all along, our daughter Lauren had put him in his crate.