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Case and Point… Our Children Are Listening

  So of course, God uses a quarrel between my boys, to show me that my kids really are listening. My two older boys were frustrated with each other because Josh broke a… Continue reading

Birthday Parties

A typical question in my house when my children have been invited to a birthday party is, “where is the party taking place?”  Do you hear that question too?  This question points once… Continue reading

Entrust Your Loved Ones to Me

Have you ever sent your child out the door crying?  We watched one of our daughter leave for youth group last night a little fearful because she knew a lot of her friends… Continue reading

Will You Pray For Me?

Have you ever asked someone, “Will you pray for me?” How often do we ask our children to pray for us?  Do we tell our children about the needs of others? (If you think… Continue reading

Tic-Tac-Toe, Geometry, and Pick Up Sticks

So my sweet Katie had a birthday this past week and my other daughter took her to lunch and to paint pottery.  It was so awesome to see two sisters talking over lunch… Continue reading

I Can’t Sleep

Another post about bedtime……. I am so ready for some quiet time the moment I say goodnight to my children!!!!  What happens when one of your children announces, “I cannot fall asleep”! I… Continue reading

A New Perspective

A child is moved by a sense of urgency, a selfish motivation or a habit. It is often confusing for a child to understand why they do what they do. We often do… Continue reading


Do you ever wish your children didn’t know your name? I had one of those days! Every time someone said “Mom” , I just wanted to act as if I didn’t hear them.… Continue reading

Will My Friend Go To Heaven?

I often find myself looking around my house for the next project to accomplish.  I will run from room to room picking up the same toy for the 4th time any given day.… Continue reading

Can I Get A Drink?

Sometimes little things are a big deal.  For example… We are at a restaurant, I ask myself, “Do you really want to add $14 to my bill before I order any food???” (7… Continue reading