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Waking Up

When you first see your child’s face in the morning,  do you know what his or her mood is going to be? Our youngest son is the biggest example, he does not hide… Continue reading

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters

A strong father figure in a girl’s life will shape her future.  Dr. Meg Meeker’s book, “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters” shares many truths about dads and their daughters.  My husband brought this book… Continue reading

Poop and Jelly Beans

Our 4-year-old at the time, was using the bathroom in Kroger.   He asked my husband to please face the door while he was doing “his business!”  Unaware of my husband’s presence, our… Continue reading

Good Opportunities and Better Ones.

Train your child that not all good opportunities are the best opportunities for them. There are several opportunities that will present themselves to our children (like should I play on the soccer team)?… Continue reading

The Difficult One

Who is this child in my house today?  For no reason, everything I asked them to do today was forgotten and I was not happy. When I asked why,  there were simply excuses.… Continue reading

Make Some Cupcakes

Dessert can really show someone you care.  In my family when someone shows up on our door step, unannounced, with something sweet, it’s a big deal!   We took cupcakes to our friends… Continue reading

Bad Guys and Good Guys

Let them lead for a moment and make their day!   My husband and sons are playing “Good Guys and Bad Guys” right now, so I had to write about it.  Basically, in… Continue reading

“… and a child shall lead them.”

Our children WILL lead us… A good friend shared this video with me recently about a wonderful ministry called People Loving Nashville.  About halfway through, to our surprise, she shares a story about… Continue reading

Saying No

(My beautiful teenage girls and I earlier this year…) Sometimes as a parent we have to say no even when our child does not understand. In my life, with two young teenage daughters,… Continue reading

A Gift from the Kids

I have this great reminder hanging in my house. It’s perfect for the days I am just not up for the hoopla of 5 kids and all that goes along with that. My… Continue reading