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this IS a new day!

Good Morning.  This morning the verse, “This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it“, keeps coming into my thoughts. It’s hard sometimes for me… Continue reading

A Wild Summer

Looking back, I never dreamed this summer would be gone so quickly.  I had the best intentions to write like crazy this summer but it just did not happen.  I find myself now… Continue reading

The Power of a Surprise

Jeremy, Josh & I  had a moment the other morning that I will never forget! Josh has given thousands of dollars toward our Haiti trip.  (We leave in 18 hours!!) He has never… Continue reading


Although I had only talked to her briefly from time to time at church, I knew Beth was a special lady because of my interaction in Sunday school with her son Ethan. Words… Continue reading

Our Scavenger Hunt At Target- Cheap,Relaxing and Priceless

We never would have dreamed we would be drinking coffee at Starbucks on Sat. night, but that’s what happened! We all got into the car and were headed to get a “treat.”  We… Continue reading


Ryan, our six-year-old, has a very sensitive side. In his class at school he was assigned to do a report on a rattlesnake.  All of the kindergarten parents crowded into the classroom as… Continue reading

A Month of Silence

Where have you been?  I never meant to stay silent for a so long but it happened and hopefully it will not be the norm.  So here we go again.  🙂 (I still… Continue reading

A Consonant Makes a Difference

After hours and hours of practice, her body trembled as she danced a routine that she has done a number of times. My daughter had a difficult dance competition this past weekend. She was… Continue reading


Josh’s basketball team was in overtime and up by one point when the unthinkable happened. His team was down the entire game until the last 5 minutes. They had a string of amazing… Continue reading

I Heard Him

Ryan came to me the other morning and said, “Mom, I just heard Jesus talking to me.” I said, “Ryan what did He say?” Then he said, “He told me to keep being… Continue reading