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My fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Gracey, was one of those rock star teachers.  She was hands down, the best teacher I ever had. She had us do an activity called, The Squiggle Book.… Continue reading

A Great Reminder

Happy New Year!  I pray you had a wonderful holiday season.  Our travels brought us to Little Rock, AR where we encountered a white Christmas.  What a beautiful sight!  I don’t think my… Continue reading

A Christmas Moment

I am glad to be writing again!  Crazy and overwhelming circumstances(that I will share in later posts) this past month have caused me to take a break from my blog. I have learned… Continue reading

Watching Five Kids Grow

Watching five kids grow up is so crazy.  I cannot believe my baby girl is fifteen.  I have been so blessed to watch my kids grow up to be beautiful inside and out.… Continue reading

The Busy Child

You know how sometimes our kids are so busy that we feel distant from them? Well my husband told me he felt this distance. Our daughter has been studying so much that we… Continue reading

Easy and Cute Halloween Costume + A Halloween Tradition

So I know a lot of us have a difficult time trying to figure what Halloween costume to choose for our little ones.  It’s ironic that for once we wish our young children… Continue reading

Leaves and Letting Go

Some days we just have to let go!  Let go of our check lists and just play.  I think we don’t  allow ourselves this pleasure enough.  My goal this weekend is to play… Continue reading

Uncle Buds – Great Food, BIG Savings.

So our family has found a great new place to eat.  Uncle Buds Catfish is delicious and inexpensive. They have 4 kids meals. Chicken Tenders with fries, and a drink for $3. They… Continue reading

A Donut Party – A Silly But Memorable Tradition

So years ago my mom said to my kids,“Let’s go in the closet and have a donut party.”  I thought what in the world are they doing?  It didn’t seem that fun or… Continue reading

No Worries Mom

So, I am so sorry that I did not blog on Monday.  It is my hope to stay consistent but sometimes life takes over and my thoughts cannot make it to the written… Continue reading