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You Are the Parent

  When dealing with children there is a tendency to overlook a disobedient heart.  We want the best for our children yet a lot of times we are willing to give in to… Continue reading

A dad, his son and a donut with sprinkles…

I was reminded a couple of weeks ago not to miss the “aha moments” with our kids. I went to Dunkin Donuts with my Dad. We visited and I loved every moment.  (Plus,… Continue reading

“… and a child shall lead them.”

Our children WILL lead us… A good friend shared this video with me recently about a wonderful ministry called People Loving Nashville.  About halfway through, to our surprise, she shares a story about… Continue reading

Saying No

(My beautiful teenage girls and I earlier this year…) Sometimes as a parent we have to say no even when our child does not understand. In my life, with two young teenage daughters,… Continue reading

Hope for My Teenagers

When was the last time you sat down with your kids and just told them all that you hope for them. Maybe, how you are praying for them. Jeremy and I had a… Continue reading

Food Wars!

Ok, so you know how we say food brings us together, it is so true!  Months ago we decided to have our own version of cupcake wars. Talk about a blast, we laughed… Continue reading

Mission Impossible

How can I handle the impossible task of keeping my house clean?  My sweet friend asked me to talk about this subject.  When I think of a clean house I think peace and… Continue reading

Now or Later?

Do you ever want to say exactly what you are thinking but know you should be quiet?  I believe as a parent it is hard to be quiet when you have something on… Continue reading

Do You Know The Most Powerful Word You Can Say?

What is your name? When we hear our name we feel a sense of ownership, a feeling of “Hey, that’s me!” It is very important to use a persons name when you are… Continue reading

A Tornado Hit My House – Literally!

Call me – Emergency! was the text my neighbor sent to me last week while I was visiting Orlando for my daughter’s dance competition.  Oh My Word, the thoughts that filled my head… What… Continue reading