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Power Of Focus

FOCUS! Wow, I cannot tell you how tired I get of saying this word so often during the day to my children. So you can imagine that there is not a dull moment… Continue reading

Leaves and Letting Go

Some days we just have to let go!  Let go of our check lists and just play.  I think we don’t  allow ourselves this pleasure enough.  My goal this weekend is to play… Continue reading

Hot Drinks Help

There have been numerous occasions when I just did not feel like playing with my children.  Maybe I was exhausted from my to do list, or maybe I just wanted some time to… Continue reading

Can you spare a minute… or 10?

Can you play with me?  How many times has your child asked you this question?  For me, it is usually my 5 year old asking me to play animals with him.  Now for… Continue reading