Power Of Focus



Wow, I cannot tell you how tired I get of saying this word so often during the day to my children.

So you can imagine that there is not a dull moment in my home.  With five kids, someone is always singing, wrestling, talking, throwing a ball, eating, or just looking for action!

How often do we lose focus, as we try not to be consumed by damage control, but on what is important.

I tend to get flustered and frustrated if everything is out-of-place.  If my house is somewhat in order, I tend to be able to focus on what is really important.  So I will often call a meeting and tell the kids, it is time to clean up quickly so we can play.

Everyone picks two rooms, maybe three, and it is their job to straighten those rooms.  It is amazing how fast we can straighten up a house.  We talk about how we are all a team and things just do not run well without everyone pitching in.

It’s weird how sometimes it takes me longer and I wallow in the frustration before I finally ask everyone to help.

Recently, after a quick “team clean-up”,  Lauren taught my mom and I a new card game, and I learned a new game on the computer from Ryan, and I could not have had more fun.

I pray we will find time this week to be Focused on what is really important!