Hot Drinks Help

There have been numerous occasions when I just did not feel like playing with my children.  Maybe I was exhausted from my to do list, or maybe I just wanted some time to myself.

Have you ever felt like this?  Your heart wants to play but your head can think of about 20 other things you should be doing.

When I feel like I don’t want to play but I know I should, I grab a hot cup of coffee and then start to play.  I usually try to convince my boys to play something sitting down.

I’ll say, “How about a board game or do you want me to read that Ninjago book to you (for the 100th time)?”

I guess I feel like I am doing something relaxing when I am holding my hot cup of coffee  How crazy is that!  Do you coffee drinkers or hot tea drinkers ever feel that way?

So the next time you’re child asks you to play, tell them you just need 5 minutes to get your hot drink.  A weird calmness will come over you as you sip and imagine your actually relaxing.

(This works too when you have to sit down at night and do homework with your kids)

Have a blessed day and keep looking up.  Phil 4:13  “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”