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Our Meeting

I wanted to share with you about my early morning meeting with my husband Jeremy.  I love this time of the day more than any other.  I get to drink coffee and sit… Continue reading

Communication – Can You Read My Mind?

  How many times has your child come to you complaining that a friend or sibling was not doing what he or she expected them to do? Last night, we were at a our… Continue reading

Waking Up

When you first see your child’s face in the morning,  do you know what his or her mood is going to be? Our youngest son is the biggest example, he does not hide… Continue reading

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters

A strong father figure in a girl’s life will shape her future.  Dr. Meg Meeker’s book, “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters” shares many truths about dads and their daughters.  My husband brought this book… Continue reading

Now or Later?

Do you ever want to say exactly what you are thinking but know you should be quiet?  I believe as a parent it is hard to be quiet when you have something on… Continue reading

Look into my Eyes

It’s been said that the eyes are the window to the soul.  The eyes tell when you are sick, sad and happy.  When a child looks into your eyes, he is seeing your… Continue reading