Now or Later?

Do you ever want to say exactly what you are thinking but know you should be quiet?  I believe as a parent it is hard to be quiet when you have something on your heart that you need to discuss with your child.

One thing I have learned over the years is sometimes, we just need to wait.  I have trouble waiting!!  I want to express my feelings and frustrations out in the open and share immediately what is on my mind!  If  I speak to one of my kids about a particular problem or situation and they are not ready to listen, I may end up with a bigger problem.  If I pray and seek God first about the situation, He always gives me a peace as to when to have that conversation.   My children are most responsive and listen with a heart of humility and not defense when I take the time to pray first.  A defensive spirit does not want to be restored.  A defensive spirit wants to argue and is not at peace.

The Bible says not to bring our children to wrath.  I believe we have the best intentions for our children so when we have a feeling that we just want to prove a point out of frustration, that is not the time to discuss a major issue.  When we have a spirit of peace and love and desire forgiveness, I believe that is the time when we should speak boldly to our children.  Waiting is not easy but it is often the right thing to do!

Why are we so quick to speak and why do we find it so hard to wait?