Our Meeting


I wanted to share with you about my early morning meeting with my husband Jeremy.  I love this time of the day more than any other.  I get to drink coffee and sit in bed with my college sweetheart, it’s awesome.

For about the last four years, Jeremy and I have made a commitment to get up during the week at 6:15 to have a “meeting”.  We meet until about 7:20.

During our meeting we read a devotion from one our favorite Christian authors, read some scripture,  & talk about our plans for the day.  Then, we pray for each other and start our day.

It’s really been great to know what each other is doing as the hours pass. We are able to pray for each other at different times during the day when we know that something important is happening.  I would never know the different things he might be facing that day if we would not have talked and prayed about it that morning.  I am so thankful this has become routine in our day.

When we commit our day to the Lord, great things happen.