Waking Up

When you first see your child’s face in the morning,  do you know what his or her mood is going to be?

Our youngest son is the biggest example, he does not hide his mood, we see it, as soon as he rounds the corner of the hallway !  Watch out if you hear winning,  you know it is going to be a bumpy ride and your patience will be challenged!  Although, if he is smiling, you’re in the clear, and all is well!

One of the rules in our homeEveryone has to say Good Morning to each other.  We teach our children  to greet one another when they come out of their room in the morning.  We do this to show respect by acknowledging each other.  This will often encourage and help change a grumpy attitude.

Saying hello, also encourages our children to communicate.  For a moment, they redirect their feelings of “I am so tired,” to a positive greeting of  Good Morning!  (It sounds a little elementary but it works.)

(I still remind them to do this many mornings,even though we have been doing it for 13 years!)

Do you ever wonder, “will my children ever remember to do something that I remind them to do almost everyday?”

What do you say everyday to your child that you feel goes in one ear and out the other?

” Today, Do not be weary in well doing.”