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Our Scavenger Hunt At Target- Cheap,Relaxing and Priceless

We never would have dreamed we would be drinking coffee at Starbucks on Sat. night, but that’s what happened! We all got into the car and were headed to get a “treat.”  We… Continue reading

The Busy Child

You know how sometimes our kids are so busy that we feel distant from them? Well my husband told me he felt this distance. Our daughter has been studying so much that we… Continue reading

A Donut Party – A Silly But Memorable Tradition

So years ago my mom said to my kids,“Let’s go in the closet and have a donut party.”  I thought what in the world are they doing?  It didn’t seem that fun or… Continue reading

An Old-Fashioned Hymn Sing

Yesterday in church we had an old-fashioned hymn sing. We sang songs that I remembered singing when I was a little girl. As we sang, I was brought back to a simpler time… Continue reading

Little Footsteps

Here he comes, his little feet sound like a sprinter bounding down our hallway first thing in the morning.  It’s such a sweet sound, but a sound we would often like to delay,… Continue reading