The Busy Child

You know how sometimes our kids are so busy that we feel distant from them?

Well my husband told me he felt this distance.

Our daughter has been studying so much that we feel like we rarely see her.  My husband expressed to me that he wanted to take her to coffee and just reconnect.

What great wisdom he has, I am so thankful!  He felt it was important to talk to her and find out what was running through her head besides Algebra and Biology.

On their date, he told her how proud he was of her.  He said they laughed like crazy just talking about school and silly things that happened the week before.

I was reminded how our children long for this one on one time with us.

One hour of our time is priceless, especially when that hour will be remembered forever by our child!

(this picture is old but it still shows the sweet relationship Katie and Jeremy have)