Little Footsteps

Here he comes, his little feet sound like a sprinter bounding down our hallway first thing in the morning.  It’s such a sweet sound, but a sound we would often like to delay, just for a few more minutes!

Our youngest son approaches the door with a blanket in one hand and 2 stuffed animals in the other.  His hair is sticking straight up and he has to go to the bathroom, BAD.  He is ready for the day to start, even if we are not.  He announces how thirsty he is and how his stomach hurts because it needs chocolate chip muffins or a waffle.  Sometimes I long for just one more hour of peace and quiet. (actually, I always long for that!)

Do you ever wish they would just be older and more independent?  Believe me, it will happen before you know it.  With two teenage girls in our home, we have witnessed just how fast they grow up.  It just seems like yesterday they were dressing up in princess gowns and singing to the Disney Sing A Long videos.  They would create elaborate shows and perform them for us with lighting, props and set changes.  They would come downstairs with homemade tickets we were required to use before entering the theater (aka our playroom)!

We don’t receive many tickets anymore.   Their princess gowns have been replaced with skinny jeans and the Disney videos with an iPod… But we have  such wonderful memories.  Memories that will always be special.  And we are working hard to create new memories each and every day.

Cherish those tiny footsteps… before you know it, they’ll be a memory.  A very sweet memory.