Our Scavenger Hunt At Target- Cheap,Relaxing and Priceless

We never would have dreamed we would be drinking coffee at Starbucks on Sat. night, but that’s what happened!

We all got into the car and were headed to get a “treat.”  We originally thought ice cream would be a fun idea.

As we were driving, we had a brainstorm!  Let’s go to Target and have a picture Scavenger Hunt.   We knew that Target had a Starbucks in it, so we could just drink coffee while they ran around the store. (I mean walk :))

  • First the kids broke up into two teams.
  • Next, we told them they had 5 minutes to take 2 pictures.
  1. The lowest priced item in the store.
  2. The weirdest shaped bottle (it had to contain some sort of liquid)


  • Then, they had to report back to us (while we sat in Starbucks cafe drinking our Vente Blonde Roast.)
  • We judged their photos, and the winner received a point.
  • Next, we gave them another set of photo instructions
  1. The largest sphere shaped item in the store
  2. The most expensive priced item in the store (we said, “Don’t touch it, just take a picture of the price tag!” Just in case )


At this point, the lady in Starbucks loved what we were doing and made all the kids a little Chocolate Frap sample.  They were so excited.

  • After judging this last set of photos, Lauren, Josh and Jake were in the lead.
  • So we had to break the tie.
  1. Find the item in the store that has the largest mark down

Well Lauren, Josh and Jake ended up winning.  We told them they could all pick out some candy to celebrate (all five of them, of course)

We were able to do a cheap family activity, Jeremy and I got to relax, the kids laughed their heads off, we made a memory and it costed us about $15.