Josh – The Second Man of the House


Do you ever feel uneasy like you just want to jump out of your skin?  Thursday was one of those days for me.  Nothing major happened I just had a discontented spirit.  I just felt “bugged” by the dumbest stuff and I didn’t know why. (Aunt Flow?)

Of course it was time for me to be a Godly example to the boys because it was our morning quiet time.  I read a devotion to the boys before we start home school.  I was talking to them about something when one of the boys just interrupted me about something totally unrelated.  I told him this was not the time in a very monotone but stern voice.  He got these big tears in his eyes and I felt like a terrible mom! (it makes me cry now thinking about his eyes)  I tried to continue to read but I just couldn’t, I was so sad that I felt so unsettled.

Then, Josh said, “Mom, lets just stop and pray.”  


When we prayed, a peace came over me.  I was not completely ready to take on the day, but I was getting there because of this encounter with our Creator.

The Lord used this moment for me to encourage Josh that He was becoming a Man of God.  His action pointed me to Jesus.

I called him, The 2nd Man of the House. Jeremy was not there that morning but Josh stepped up and directed me to the arms of my loving Father.