The Prayers for our Newborn Babies

As I was thinking about my children growing up I cannot help but remember all of those sleepless nights when they were babies.  All I wanted was that extra 5 minutes of sleep.  I was so tired and felt like those crying babies would kill me in time.

IMG_5413 2

One of my dear friends Tracie, reminded me that I needed to use those late night feedings to pray for my precious babies.  She pointed out that her house was never so quiet and still when her baby began to eat.   Believe me, it took me awhile to get there.  I was not “feeling spiritual” at 2 AM when all I wanted to do was crawl into my bed, and pull the covers over my head so no one would know I was there.

When I finally began to dismiss my feelings and focus on the one who could give me strength, my time in the middle of the night became more peaceful.


Now, looking back I know the prayers that I prayed for them when they were small were life changing.  The decisions and difficulties that we are facing are a lot of times, overwhelming.  Most days, I wish that my kids could just be small again and the days revolved around diapers and feedings.  The days now bring college visits, ACT tests, and talks about careers and future husbands.  All of those things are fine but so many of them not in our control.  I sit and think about the times when my days were spent wondering about when they were going to wake so I could hold them again.  Now, I am saying goodbye and be careful as they drive away.

“Release them to Jesus”, is what my mom always said.  It is true, it becomes more about His care than mine the more they grow.  You begin to discover that those prayers prayed long ago, are now being answered.  The older they get, it becomes more and more about His hand in their lives and less and less about ours.