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The Prayers for our Newborn Babies

As I was thinking about my children growing up I cannot help but remember all of those sleepless nights when they were babies.  All I wanted was that extra 5 minutes of sleep.… Continue reading


So I am so slammed right now with life that I have a difficult time processing a thought. (My mind often feels like this picture, unclear but I keep running) This season of my… Continue reading


If we just think about something for too long we will never “Jump!” It may be scary to start something, but if we keep thinking and dreaming about it,  we need to act on it.… Continue reading

Josh – The Second Man of the House

  Do you ever feel uneasy like you just want to jump out of your skin?  Thursday was one of those days for me.  Nothing major happened I just had a discontented spirit.  I just… Continue reading

A Nightmare Commute Turned To A Godly Appointment

  Driving is something I do a lot!  Tonight was really ridiculous.  A 40 minute ride to ballet took me  about 100 minutes.  I thought I was going to lose my mind.  I pulled… Continue reading


Last week I woke up to an empty refrigerator.  My girls had to take one of those standardized tests and so I got up early with the thoughts of waffles and eggs. (you know that… Continue reading

Our Meeting

I wanted to share with you about my early morning meeting with my husband Jeremy.  I love this time of the day more than any other.  I get to drink coffee and sit… Continue reading

Power Of Focus

FOCUS! Wow, I cannot tell you how tired I get of saying this word so often during the day to my children. So you can imagine that there is not a dull moment… Continue reading

How Much?

“No price is too high for a parent to pay to redeem his child.  No energy is too great.  No effort too demanding.  A parent will go to any length to find his… Continue reading

How To Raise A Great Parent

Raising Great Parents is a book that was shared on one of the blogs that I follow.  I have not read this book so I am not familiar with all of the content,… Continue reading