A Nightmare Commute Turned To A Godly Appointment



Driving is something I do a lot!  Tonight was really ridiculous.  A 40 minute ride to ballet took me  about 100 minutes.  I thought I was going to lose my mind.  I pulled off the road into a shopping center during my commute for a little break.  My daughter asked me where I was going and I told her I didn’t know.  All I knew was that I could not drive anymore.

I pulled to the back of the shopping center and pulled into a parking spot.  Literally about 4 feet in front of me was a homeless woman.  She was walking right towards my headlights.  She was about 60 years old with long gray hair.  She wore socks with flip-flops, an old skirt, a worn out jacket and was carrying 3 grocery bags.  She looked very confused when I looked into her eyes.

When I saw her, I knew why I had pulled off into this shopping center on this night.

I launched into teaching mode when I saw her, explaining to Katie how to give cash to a person in need.  “Don’t open your wallet in front of them, but put some money in your pocket just in case you have a chance to help them,” I said.  I told Katie that I would say hello to her and if she asked me for money, I would have some in my pocket to give to her.

We got out of the car, I walked quickly in order to catch up to her and I nonchalantly said hello.  She then asked me if I had some money to spare.  I was glad to tell her that the Lord put her in our path that night.

Katie and I decided to get a take-out at a local restaurant.  She shortly appeared again inside the restaurant.  This time another stranger approached her and asked her if she needed a meal.

Katie said, “Mom, she is having a good night but where will she sleep tonight?  (Brentwood does not have many shelters;  actually I don’t know if they have any!)  I told her she would probably sleep outside and be very cold that evening.  We definitely needed to pray for her.


I am so thankful that my nightmare commute was meant for something greater.  I changed roads and directions 3 different times before we met this woman.  We often think we know the best direction to take in our lives but its amazing at how the Lord redirects our paths so we can accomplish something for his glory.  His plans are beyond our understanding.