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Powerful Words Convince the Soul!

“Never give up, never give up, never give up!”  I know most of you think of the great Martin Luther when you hear these words but I think of my Dad.”  Not only… Continue reading

Case and Point… Our Children Are Listening

  So of course, God uses a quarrel between my boys, to show me that my kids really are listening. My two older boys were frustrated with each other because Josh broke a… Continue reading

Do you know your Facebook friends?

Do you KNOW your Facebook friends? Over the past weeks I have been thinking about this question.   So many people are relying on Facebook to keep in touch that they actually lose touch… Continue reading

You Are the Parent

  When dealing with children there is a tendency to overlook a disobedient heart.  We want the best for our children yet a lot of times we are willing to give in to… Continue reading

Saying No

(My beautiful teenage girls and I earlier this year…) Sometimes as a parent we have to say no even when our child does not understand. In my life, with two young teenage daughters,… Continue reading