You Are the Parent


When dealing with children there is a tendency to overlook a disobedient heart.  We want the best for our children yet a lot of times we are willing to give in to their rebellion by giving them their way, when we know in our heart it is not the best for them.

If you are convicted in your heart to press an issue until they are obedient and do what you asked them to do, follow through. It is easier to look the other way than spend the time talking and figuring out how to solve the issue together.  We will have a stronger bond with our children when they see us follow through. It will also give our kids a greater sense of security because they have boundaries and they see us taking the time to listen.

(While I am writing this morning, my dog is playing with a green beetle that found his way into our foyer. )

You are the parent and God has given you the job of being the parent.  Just because a child has hit a certain age does not mean they are now ready to make all of their own decisions. They are still children.  The world is telling us how to raise our kids, but if we listen to the rules of the world we will “lose” our children.  God has called us to a higher standard.  A standard that can only be directed by Him and not the systems of this world.  Do not give up!!!!  God will give you strength and wisdom as you press into Him.  We are fighting, and with God’s help, we will win.

Stand Firm