Powerful Words Convince the Soul!

“Never give up, never give up, never give up!”  I know most of you think of the great Martin Luther when you hear these words but I think of my Dad.”  Not only because he says them ALL the time but because he has lived them!

My dad is a cancer survivor.  He has been through 9 surgeries and countless hours in the hospital but he has never given up.  Yes, there have been times of discouragement and hardship but he has always tried to remember this important phrase and trust in the God who created him.

He has taught my children these words and they have stated on several occasions, “Remember what Papa says, Never Give Up, Never Give Up, Never Give Up!”   My Dad’s words have encouraged my kids when they were going through rough times and wanted to give up.

Words are so powerful,  so say encouraging words often.  Do you remember those words that you would hear your parents say over and over again?  Those words are the things you will never forget.  So say encouraging phrases to your children all the time.  These are sentences that will impact their lives and generations after them.

Leave a legacy of powerful and encouraging words.

Another thought:  As my mother would say ,”Throw away those words in the past that did not encourage you and remember those words that did encourage you.”