Saying No

(My beautiful teenage girls and I earlier this year…)

Sometimes as a parent we have to say no even when our child does not understand.

In my life, with two young teenage daughters,  I wish I didn’t have to say no and that I could just trust them to make their own wise decisions.  This is far from the case…..  God has designed our teenagers to need us and commanded us as parents to listen to Him and then make decisions according to what He is telling us.

What do you have peace about, what is God telling you?  When you have an uneasy feeling, it is for a reason, do not ignore it.  No one in this world cares for our children like we do.

The teenage years are critical and it is important to listen to our kids and more importantly listen to the words of God.  He has entrusted us with them for a short time and the security that they feel when there are boundaries is going to shape them and mold them for the rest of their lives.

Let your yes be yes and your no be no……. the disappointment will last for a moment but the lesson will last a lifetime.