Case and Point… Our Children Are Listening


So of course, God uses a quarrel between my boys, to show me that my kids really are listening.

My two older boys were frustrated with each other because Josh broke a track because “he thought” that Jake was finished playing with it.  Jake fell to pieces because he was not finished playing.  We went up to the playroom where I had the boys reenact the scene. We discovered the truth thru a lot of drama and tears.  We found out, some of the action that took place was because the boys were frustrated with each other and not getting along.

Ryan (5) was listening to our whole conversation.  All of a sudden he said, “Jake pretend that Josh is Austin (his older cousin) and Josh pretend like Jake is Austin.  How would you act if you were talking to him?”

I couldn’t believe it, Ryan had been listening to me all of these years.  I often tell the kids to pretend like they are talking to a best friend or one of their older cousins when they are tempted to be mean or frustrated with one another.  For some reason our patience level seems to diminish when we are talking to the people we love the most.  I guess it’s that security we have in their love.

Our children are listening.  Even though they may look like they are in another world, God allows their minds and hearts to absorb the important lessons that are being taught every day.  Keep pressing on today and do not become weary in well-doing!