What To Do When Your Child Throws a Tantrum

I have been thinking a lot about my days with little ones.  My youngest now is five, so I don’t really have a “little one” anymore but that does not mean I forgot the horror of a tantrum.   Oh my word, the embarrassment  of being in a public place and watching your toddler act like an ape.

When our children are confused and don’t understand why we say no, they often have ape like tendencies.  They may scream, throw themselves to the ground, or just start hitting anything around them.

Oh, the times my kids were just flat-out brats, I often had a tendency to react and not think first.   It was so hard in that moment to be an adult.

This behavior shouldn’t cause us to stoop to their level and become erratic.  I found that  speaking in a monotone  voice until they calm down is very effective.  Removing them from the situation is very helpful because it removes the embarrassment factor from us and our children.  Kneeling down and looking into their eyes while we speak  to them, is very important.  Also, keeping  our eyes very focused and stern while telling them what we expect from them will help them understand.  Our focus and sternness is critical.

Our children need boundaries.  We need to stay consistent in our discipline, and not give up or give in. It is so hard at times, but all things are possible with God.