Siblings and Sharing A Room



One piece of advice I like to give over and over again is the importance of siblings sharing a room.  

Our girls have shared a room for 14 1/2 years.  They are close because of it.  Over the years they have begged for their own rooms, and finally we agreed a few months ago.  Many nights over the 3 months, we have climbed the stairs to find one empty room because they have started talking about the day together and fallen asleep once again in the same room.

Many of you may be saying, we have had a lot of conflict because one is messy and the other organized.  One child is loud when the other one wants quiet.  Oh, don’t get me wrong I remember a lot of times I wanted to separate them but through the conflict,  they learned great lessons.  They have practiced all these years for adulthood and dealing with people who are difficult.

When their lights go out, laughing is often heard in the hallways of our home.  Occasionally, ideas will be formed and encouraging words will be exchanged, all because of the extra 10 minutes before all is silent.

Jeremy and I will sometimes sit out in the hallway and smile as they talk about their day or discuss something exciting that they are looking forward to.

Little girls and boys become ladies and gentlemen before our eyes and the life that is spoken in these shared rooms are a treasure that is priceless.

Conversations that would have never existed otherwise, happen in those rooms.