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Food Wars!

Ok, so you know how we say food brings us together, it is so true!  Months ago we decided to have our own version of cupcake wars. Talk about a blast, we laughed… Continue reading

Mission Impossible

How can I handle the impossible task of keeping my house clean?  My sweet friend asked me to talk about this subject.  When I think of a clean house I think peace and… Continue reading

Comb Their Hair

Combing their hair shows you care. (I liked how that rhymed) I have a little reservation about writing this post but I have to be honest!! How many people do not take the… Continue reading

Mother’s Day Video Card from My Kids…

Of course I cried when I watched this. My daughter Katie made this video and included all the kids voices.  “Mother’s Day Cards” have come a long way. B-Rye is our youngest son’s… Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day

To you…..  The woman who loves dearly, sacrifices continually, gives grace freely, referee’s regularly, prays fervently, gives unselfishly, drives safely (unless your 10 min. late because one of your kids needed to go poop right before… Continue reading

Now or Later?

Do you ever want to say exactly what you are thinking but know you should be quiet?  I believe as a parent it is hard to be quiet when you have something on… Continue reading

Do You Know The Most Powerful Word You Can Say?

What is your name? When we hear our name we feel a sense of ownership, a feeling of “Hey, that’s me!” It is very important to use a persons name when you are… Continue reading

To Text or Not to Text, that is the question…

Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy texting! The problem begins when we believe that a text message is actually the “best” way to communicate. For thousands of years the human spirit has… Continue reading

A Tornado Hit My House – Literally!

Call me – Emergency! was the text my neighbor sent to me last week while I was visiting Orlando for my daughter’s dance competition.  Oh My Word, the thoughts that filled my head… What… Continue reading

Can you spare a minute… or 10?

Can you play with me?  How many times has your child asked you this question?  For me, it is usually my 5 year old asking me to play animals with him.  Now for… Continue reading