Do You Know The Most Powerful Word You Can Say?

What is your name? When we hear our name we feel a sense of ownership, a feeling of “Hey, that’s me!”

It is very important to use a persons name when you are saying hello to them. I have been trying to teach my kids this lesson. I find myself trying not to get frustrated as I say over & over, “Honey, did you say hello to Mr. Brown?”.

Remember a time when your child’s name was not called? Do you remember how it made them feel? We had a recent episode where my son came to a practice and the coach forgot to add him to the roster for that day. My son said, “they don’t even know my name.” I felt so bad for him, my heart just dropped. Has this ever happened to you?

Challenge your children to say hello and use someone’s name when they do. Tell them it will encourage the person and make them feel special. Make sure you are practicing what you preach. (I know my mind struggles to remember why I just went into “the living room”, but try this and your child will learn from you.)

Hopefully this will help your child remember that it is not “all about them!” Everyday we can encourage and lift someone up just by saying their name.

“Encourage one another and lift each other up.” 1 Thessalonians 5:11