To Text or Not to Text, that is the question…

Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy texting! The problem begins when we believe that a text message is actually the “best” way to communicate. For thousands of years the human spirit has been driven and moved by the sound of a voice, body language and the passion in a persons eyes. When communicating by text, all of this is lost. Plus, if we’re honest, I think we can agree that texting is actually a pretty lazy way of of communicating.

One day after school my daughter said that three girls asked for her phone number that day in order to communicate with each other over the summer. I thought that sounded great and I was happy for her. What I did not understand was that because she didn’t have a cell phone, when she offered them her home number they said no thanks because all they wanted to do was to text her and not actually talk to her. That made her cry and made me very sad as well.

Let’s do our best in the world of technology to teach our children that actually hearing a persons voice is extremely important. Face to face communication with a friend, will deepen our relationships and make us better listeners.

Do you text your friends more often than you call them? The other thing I always think is, be an example to my children, don’t text while I am driving!