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Haiti 2014 – Part 1

We arrived home from another trip to Haiti June 10th.   We wanted to stay and not return home. (although there were two little Breland boys, we couldn’t wait to see). We left… Continue reading

“Speak Life” Everyday

    My kids love to listen to the song “Speak Life” by TobyMac.  When it comes on the radio, they get so pumped and sing along every time.   This song is… Continue reading

Communication – Can You Read My Mind?

  How many times has your child come to you complaining that a friend or sibling was not doing what he or she expected them to do? Last night, we were at a our… Continue reading

A “Hero” in Ryan’s Words

It was Ryan’s turn to pray.  You never know what he is going to say. Lord, thank you that you died for us.  If you didn’t, someone would have had to be like… Continue reading

Failure and Letting Go

  Kate came out the class the other day and said, “That was difficult!” I said, “Good!” This year I rarely checked Josh’s homework before he turned it in.  If he asked me, I… Continue reading


  So today is crazy, the snow is blanketing the ground and the kids are excited to have the day off.  Jeremy just called me and said his car is not wanting to… Continue reading

The Packers

Somehow my son has become a Packers fan.  He was devastated  when they lost their playoff game.  He was in tears and said, “It was their chance mom!”  He could not believe their… Continue reading


    I feel like we are in a full sprint every minute of the day! So I find myself wondering what room am I going to pack next.  So many boxes and… Continue reading

Six Year Old Wisdom

Our son had a fearful night and we were talking about it the next morning.  He was thinking about different scary things that could happen in the middle of the night. Our six-year-old… Continue reading

this IS a new day!

Good Morning.  This morning the verse, “This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it“, keeps coming into my thoughts. It’s hard sometimes for me… Continue reading