Family Meetings 101

I really want to be better about having more family meetings!  Every time I say, “family meeting”  everyone gets excited!  It may be because we don’t have them all the time and they… Continue reading

Taylor Swift’s – The Best Day by Lauren Breland

Happy belated Father’s Day to all you wonderful dads!  My dad, Keith, ROCKS!!! Wow, what a weekend!  So good in fact that I woke up this morning said, “oh stink, I forgot to… Continue reading

Do you know your Facebook friends?

Do you KNOW your Facebook friends? Over the past weeks I have been thinking about this question.   So many people are relying on Facebook to keep in touch that they actually lose touch… Continue reading

Bad Guys and Good Guys

Let them lead for a moment and make their day!   My husband and sons are playing “Good Guys and Bad Guys” right now, so I had to write about it.  Basically, in… Continue reading

You Are the Parent

  When dealing with children there is a tendency to overlook a disobedient heart.  We want the best for our children yet a lot of times we are willing to give in to… Continue reading

Eating Out With Your Family On a Budget

Families + Restaurants = Lots of Dollars (or not!) My first tip on saving money – Do not order drinks at a restaurants.  Drinking water saves a lot of money. Before we enter a restaurant,… Continue reading

A dad, his son and a donut with sprinkles…

I was reminded a couple of weeks ago not to miss the “aha moments” with our kids. I went to Dunkin Donuts with my Dad. We visited and I loved every moment.  (Plus,… Continue reading

“… and a child shall lead them.”

Our children WILL lead us… A good friend shared this video with me recently about a wonderful ministry called People Loving Nashville.  About halfway through, to our surprise, she shares a story about… Continue reading

Saying No

(My beautiful teenage girls and I earlier this year…) Sometimes as a parent we have to say no even when our child does not understand. In my life, with two young teenage daughters,… Continue reading

Our Dog Sam

So I thought I would share a story that is near to my heart.  It’s a stretch for a parenting blog but it helps you understand who I am.  I just love my… Continue reading