Family Meetings 101

I really want to be better about having more family meetings!  Every time I say, “family meeting”  everyone gets excited!  It may be because we don’t have them all the time and they know if I call one, it must be important.

My sister started having family meetings every Sunday night.  They have a Bible time and pray together.  They also talk about issues that their children are dealing with.  She said it’s been great to hear them open up.

It’s amazing that when we set aside time to talk as a family,  we learn things about our children that we might have never known.  For example, maybe one of them met a new friend they want to talk about, or a bully they might have encountered or maybe just a kind word will be said that will encourage another sibling.   It’s about being intentional with our kids, trying to get in their heads.  Asking questions and really listening to their heart.  Sometimes with some of my kids, I know if I ask a question and then wait a minute, they will start to talk.  With my other children, I don’t need to wait, they just start talking up a storm.  All of them are so different!

Schedule Example:

Start with a” kid of the week” – Each member of the family says something kind to that child during this time.

* 10 minutes each family member shares a high point and low point from the week (my kids love doing this)

* 10 minutes something they might want to discuss

* 10 minutes of prayer and devotions  (I recommend Streams in the Desert for Kids)

Let’s keep each accountable on this.  If you want to join me, let’s try to be consistent this summer.    Let’s ask each other how we are doing! Let me know what you think!

So far this summer we have had only one meeting, so I need to get busy planning for Sunday!

(Jeremy is missing, because he is taking the picture)  We had a gift card for Stoney River and took all of the kids.

Best Family Meeting Ever!