Bad Guys and Good Guys

Let them lead for a moment and make their day!   My husband and sons are playing “Good Guys and Bad Guys” right now, so I had to write about it.  Basically, in this game created by our 4 year old, the instructions are simple: follow him everywhere, copy his every move and have the time of your life.  Punch, make lots of sounds, look for the good guy (of course most boys want to be the bad guy), run after him and fight like there’s no tomorrow!

It’s amazing when we are playing this game, we don’t think about structure and organization; we just watch and pay attention to him completely.  In this game, you cannot be on the phone or cleaning (well, sometimes when I am running through the house I’ll pick up a shirt or toy as I race by in hot pursuit of the good guy) because I must watch his every move or I may miss an instruction.

Sometimes our children need to lead, it prepares them for the future.  A simple game may just be what they need to make them feel valued.  In our children’s lives, the opportunities to lead are few and far between. Be intentional.  Create these time for them and watch them grow!