A dad, his son and a donut with sprinkles…

I was reminded a couple of weeks ago not to miss the “aha moments” with our kids.

I went to Dunkin Donuts with my Dad. We visited and I loved every moment.  (Plus, their coffee is AWESOME!)

He left for work and I decided to get my family some donuts.

I waited in line…

In front of me was a dad with his three children. He ordered 2 dozen sprinkled donuts. After the cashier gave the donuts to the dad, his youngest son asked if he could look inside the box on the top. The dad opened the box and the boy smiled, his excitement was priceless. Then the boy asked his dad to see the other box too. The dad didn’t hesitate, he raised the lid of the box and the boy squealed with delight once again.

I thought, would I have opened that second box or just said, oh, it’s just like the other one and hurried them out the door.

Would I have missed the “aha moment”?

I pray I will stop more often to look at all of the colorful sprinkles our kids see, that we often miss.