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Can you spare a minute… or 10?

Can you play with me?  How many times has your child asked you this question?  For me, it is usually my 5 year old asking me to play animals with him.  Now for… Continue reading

Wisdom Beyond Their Years

Pray for Wisdom beyond their years!  What an idea….. I can say that because I did not come up with it!  A girlfriend shared with me in college that this was how her… Continue reading

Little Footsteps

Here he comes, his little feet sound like a sprinter bounding down our hallway first thing in the morning.  It’s such a sweet sound, but a sound we would often like to delay,… Continue reading

My Burned Bagel

Never assume your child is going to stay the same.  I toasted a bagel the other morning and was reminded of this fact.  I was really enjoying the first half of my bagel… Continue reading

My Mom or Dad is…

I thought it would be appropriate to repost my first blog today.  As the new school year starts, I pray that I am in the right frame of mind each day and point… Continue reading