My Mom or Dad is…

I thought it would be appropriate to repost my first blog today.  As the new school year starts, I pray that I am in the right frame of mind each day and point my kids to the Lord.  My oldest is starting high school today and boy is it weird to think she has only four more years under our roof.  Walk in the light of His glory today, He is with you every step.

How would your child describe you?

I often think about the answer to this question.  It’s amazing how different you perceive yourself than how your child perceives you.  Are you patient?  Would they say that you play with them very often?  Do they feel like they can tell you everything? Do you really care what they might say?  If you were to ask them these questions and more, they may not put all that much thought into the answers… but it would be interesting to hear their perspective.

I hope my children will say that I love them so much and that I encourage them to never  give up.  I pray that they would say that I love God with all of my heart and I do everything I can to tell others about Him and show them His love.  I hope they know that if they need me, I will always get to where they are.  I want them to know that I wish I had all the answers – but sometimes I don’t feel like I have any of them!  (Now I am crying thinking about this)  I hope they know I would choose to do something for them before I would ever choose something for myself.

I have been blessed to have these little people walk along the sidewalk of life with me for a short time.  They are my heart and I am in awe of the lessons they have taught me over the years and continue to teach me daily.

Maybe this will help you put your life as a parent into perspective, as you wonder, what does your child think of you?