My Burned Bagel

Never assume your child is going to stay the same.  I toasted a bagel the other morning and was reminded of this fact.  I was really enjoying the first half of my bagel but when I started to eat the second half, I noticed something didn’t taste quite right but I just continued to eat it while I read.  I was just about to take the last bite when I finally turned the bagel over and to my surprise it was burned to a crisp on the bottom side!  All along I just assumed it was a perfectly cooked bagel because the first half was cooked just right.

Assumptions are dangerous – especially when it comes to our kids.  They are constantly growing and changing and to assume that they are going to stay the same just isn’t true.  (I’m reminded of this when I look at this picture of our boys just 3 short years ago!  It seems like just yesterday that we took this picture but to see them today, they have grown up SO much!!)  We may think we have our child figured out but the truth is tomorrow he or she may dislike soccer or love to swim.  They may all of sudden be the best listener (oh please Lord let it be!!!!!)  or the neatest person in your house.  They may begin to write a song or share Jesus with someone.  Who knows who they may become.  Allow yourself to see your child each day for who they are that day and not the day before or last month.  Look at them today and see a child who is changing daily and one who wants to do what is right.

People in this life desire to do good.  Try to avoid assuming that just because someone was one way yesterday, they are going to be that same person the following day.  Give your child room for growth.

Hope for the best and believe that God can change their hearts everyday!

What changes have you seen recently in the life of your child??