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How To Raise A Great Parent

Raising Great Parents is a book that was shared on one of the blogs that I follow.  I have not read this book so I am not familiar with all of the content,… Continue reading

The Power of a Surprise

Jeremy, Josh & I  had a moment the other morning that I will never forget! Josh has given thousands of dollars toward our Haiti trip.  (We leave in 18 hours!!) He has never… Continue reading


How many times have we written our children’s coaches a note or told them in person how much they mean to our family?  Great coaches are a blessing and often times rare. After… Continue reading

Case and Point… Our Children Are Listening

  So of course, God uses a quarrel between my boys, to show me that my kids really are listening. My two older boys were frustrated with each other because Josh broke a… Continue reading

A dad, his son and a donut with sprinkles…

I was reminded a couple of weeks ago not to miss the “aha moments” with our kids. I went to Dunkin Donuts with my Dad. We visited and I loved every moment.  (Plus,… Continue reading

Now or Later?

Do you ever want to say exactly what you are thinking but know you should be quiet?  I believe as a parent it is hard to be quiet when you have something on… Continue reading