The Power of a Surprise

Jeremy, Josh & I  had a moment the other morning that I will never forget!

Josh has given thousands of dollars toward our Haiti trip.  (We leave in 18 hours!!)

He has never complained but felt privileged that he could give so much.

Jeremy & I went on a date the other night and decided to surprise Josh with some golf gear for his upcoming golf camp.  We went to Academy & bought him 2 shirts, shorts & golf shoes.

The next morning we told him how proud we were of his unselfishness over the past year to give to Haiti.

We gave him one of the shirts first & he gave us the biggest hug.

Then we gave him another shirt.  He couldn’t believe it, he was so excited.

Next, Jeremy brought out the shorts and Josh put his head in his hands, he was so happy he could hardly contain himself.

Finally Jeremy said,  “We knew you needed some golf shoes too!”  Then he began to sob as we handed him his new shoes.  He was so grateful and overwhelmed that he began to cry and of course, so did I.

What a moment!!!

How much more grateful our children are when they have to wait!
Josh had been looking at golf shoes over the past months, but knew Haiti was more important.

Thank you Jesus for these precious moments with our children.