How many times have we written our children’s coaches a note or told them in person how much they mean to our family?  Great coaches are a blessing and often times rare.

After Josh’s basketball game Saturday night, he told us he had so much fun and joy while he was playing!  He told my husband and I, “I wish the game was 5 quarters and that it would never end.”

What a wonderful thing to hear your son say and we believe his patient coach has a lot to do with his feelings.

We played against a team that had a coach that yelled a lot!  Our coach is one who is tough but gentle and the same time.  His love and desire to see our kids succeed is such an inspiration.

I wanted to write today to encourage you, if your son or daughter has a great coach, encourage them today.  With all of the volunteer hours they put in, they need our words to help them and motivate them to keep going.

Thank you Coach Thurman!