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Haiti 2014 – Teaching Our Kids The Importance of Serving

One day I had a chance to talk with one of the boys who is twelve years old for about an hour.  I talked to him about the character traits of a Christ… Continue reading

The Packers

Somehow my son has become a Packers fan.  He was devastated  when they lost their playoff game.  He was in tears and said, “It was their chance mom!”  He could not believe their… Continue reading

A Wild Summer

Looking back, I never dreamed this summer would be gone so quickly.  I had the best intentions to write like crazy this summer but it just did not happen.  I find myself now… Continue reading


Ryan, our six-year-old, has a very sensitive side. In his class at school he was assigned to do a report on a rattlesnake.  All of the kindergarten parents crowded into the classroom as… Continue reading


Josh’s basketball team was in overtime and up by one point when the unthinkable happened. His team was down the entire game until the last 5 minutes. They had a string of amazing… Continue reading

Powerful Words Convince the Soul!

“Never give up, never give up, never give up!”  I know most of you think of the great Martin Luther when you hear these words but I think of my Dad.”  Not only… Continue reading

A New Perspective

A child is moved by a sense of urgency, a selfish motivation or a habit. It is often confusing for a child to understand why they do what they do. We often do… Continue reading

Family Meetings 101

I really want to be better about having more family meetings!  Every time I say, “family meeting”  everyone gets excited!  It may be because we don’t have them all the time and they… Continue reading

Do You Know The Most Powerful Word You Can Say?

What is your name? When we hear our name we feel a sense of ownership, a feeling of “Hey, that’s me!” It is very important to use a persons name when you are… Continue reading