Make Some Cupcakes

Dessert can really show someone you care.  In my family when someone shows up on our door step, unannounced, with something sweet, it’s a big deal!   We took cupcakes to our friends and neighbors not long ago and I would never have imagined the response.  Our friends were overwhelmed by the gesture.   Many of these families needed to talk and say more than just a hello.  My husband ended up speaking to one of our friends for an hour.

Teach your children to recognize that some neighbors are lonely and need a smile, a hello and their time.  Your child’s outlook on life, & their innocent way, can really impact the life of another person. (who knows what they might say)  So give them the experience, take timeout of your busy schedule, just an hour, to make your neighbor a cupcake and bring your friendship to the next level.   (this also helps with the “all about me” syndrome that so easily creeps into our lives in this world)

“Love your neighbor as your yourself…..”   Mark 12:31