The Difficult One

Who is this child in my house today?  For no reason, everything I asked them to do today was forgotten and I was not happy. When I asked why,  there were simply excuses.

Is there a child in your family that seems to know just what buttons to push in order to send you into frustration land?  Now that you probably have a name running through your mind – think about hugging them.

I have found the best way for me to control my frustration is to just hug them, often for no reason.  I know this may sound a little strange, but I assure you it works.

There is something that happens, not only physically but mentally, when you embrace your child.  You are suddenly not the only one in control, you are working as a team, holding on to each other.  You are literally holding one another up and supporting each other.  After correcting and exerting countless hours of  energy to make sure our children stay on “the right track”, we can relax and just rest in their arms.

Our bodies release, our muscles relax, and there we are in the arms of our child.

This is the time to remind ourselves that we are not always in control.  We need people around us to support us and love us.  We need a heavenly father who reminds us daily that this fight is not our own.  He wants to walk along side us and help us as we try to be patient, kind and loving no matter how we may be feeling or what button may have just been pushed.

His grace is new every morning.   Great is your faithfulness!!!!  (Lamentations 3:23)