Sleepover at a friends = short chat

After our children come home from a sleepover at a friend’s house, we have found it interesting to talk about what may have come up in conversation.

I remember a sleepover when I was a kid and all of the “innocent” discussions we would have, not realizing that one of our friends may have a totally different perspective on the topic.  Before we knew it, we were talking about something that was uncomfortable and now confusing.  It is so important to take a few minutes and talk to your child about what was discussed.

  • Ask them if they had any questions about anything that was said.
  • Pray that they will be honest and open.
  • Tell them at the end of your chat that if they think of anything they want to discuss later that they can come to you at any time.
  • Trust your intuition
  • Teach your children to always tell you everything.
  • Assure them that you are always a safe place to come, that you love them and want to help them in any way you can.
  •  Your tone sets the conversation’s tone.  Smile and show love.

We want our children to learn the important life lessons from our wisdom and experience and not from a young child who may have learned something from a television show or another child.

“May your unfailing love be with us, LORD, even as we put our hope in you.”
Psalm 33:22 (NIV)