Ok, so I am so slammed right now with life that I have a difficult time processing a thought.

I am in the middle of dress rehearsals for the musical Bye Bye Birdie in Franklin, TN.  I am having a blast but I am gone from my sweet family every night.  I really miss putting my boys to bed.  The girls are always waiting for me when I come home!

I read a book years ago called The Contented Woman.  It talked how important it was To Live In The Moment.  It is difficult to remember this, when we are trying to juggle so many things at once!

“Someone so aptly said that life is what passes us by while we are making plans for the big moments.”

I pray today, I do not forget this saying as I plan for the shows opening in less than 2 weeks.

I do not want to miss these precious last days of summer with my kids.