Will My Friend Go To Heaven?

I often find myself looking around my house for the next project to accomplish.  I will run from room to room picking up the same toy for the 4th time any given day.

Do you ever find yourself counting up how many tasks you my have finished that day?

I was reminded by one of my sons that the things that concern me are often not important when it comes to the  condition of one’s soul.

Before bed the other evening, my son said he had a problem.  He said that he had been thinking about his friend and that he was not sure if he would be in Heaven someday.

His glassy eyes said it all, as he told my husband and I about how he did not know if his friend knew Jesus and he wondered how he could tell him about God.

Wow, was I convicted!  My grade school son chose to be concerned with something that was really important, the condition of his friend’s soul.  Humbling!!!!