I Can’t Sleep

Another post about bedtime…….

I am so ready for some quiet time the moment I say goodnight to my children!!!!  What happens when one of your children announces, “I cannot fall asleep”!

I usually feel defeated at this point, thinking all of my hard work to get my kids to bed, has failed, ugh!

What is your response?  Do you tell them to count sheep or to just close their eyes and they will feel sleepy eventually?

I remembered what my mother-in-law said to me one day when she was having so much trouble sleeping.  For several months, she could not sleep past 4:00am.  She told me that she felt like she was supposed to be praying and not sleeping.  So Jeremy and I began to tell our children that God is calling them to pray when they have trouble falling asleep.

We began to share with our kids, that God longs to hear our voices and if they would pray, He would relax their minds and bodies and eventually they would fall asleep.  We shared with them that they had a job to pray in the quiet, with no distractions.

It is amazing how we are reminded of important lessons when we are trying to teach our children.  God has a plan for sleepless nights, and His plan is for us to know that He is near and longing to communicate with us in the still of the night.  (of course the song, “In the Still of the Night” just began to play in my head!)

Isaiah 26:3  You will keep in perfect peace, those whose eyes are set on thee “