A New Perspective

A child is moved by a sense of urgency, a selfish motivation or a habit. It is often confusing for a child to understand why they do what they do. We often do things out of habit not even really knowing why. Out of laziness, we may resort to the way we have done something in the past, not realizing there may be a better way.

Train your children to see things from a different perspective. Share with them new ideas, ask them to create something out of nothing. Maybe give them a pencil or a piece of paper and ask them to create something and then praise them for their new ideas. Your encouragement will instill great confidence in their hearts. Who knows, this simple exercise may be just what your child needs to cause him or her to do something new. To dream a little bigger or see an object in a new light.

Let’s not be so tied to the way things are always done and miss the possibilities of something new and fresh.

Here’s a 10 minute video of a 9 year old boy in CA who used his imagination to create an amazing world at his dad’s work…

Encourage your child to become something bigger, something greater, something with God’s help may change the world. Your child may be the next President, Ambassador or Missionary. Why not your child????